Farmer & Rancher Criteria

GROWN LOCAL Pilot Program 
Criteria for Participating Farmers & Ranchers

This campaign was launched in an effort to support agricultural efforts in the County of Marin with a unified effort. As such, the label: GROWN LOCAL Marin County will only be issued to Farmers and Ranchers in Marin County who fit the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 51% of product must be grown and/or raised on producer owned or leased land within Marin County.
  • The producer’s business must be a Marin based business.  A Marin County Business License is required. If the owner’s last name is their business name, a business license is not required, and a mailing address in Marin County will suffice in place of a Marin County business License.
  • Certifiable products must be certified by the Marin County Department of Agriculture.
  • Value added products must be produced from products grown or raised by the producer in Marin County.
  • Value added products for sale must be produced in properly permitted/licensed facilities.

Grown Local Sign 2_croppedThe GROWN LOCAL Committee is committed to working collaboratively with Producers in instances where the Producer has a high impact on agricultural production in Marin County.