Rules and Criteria

This campaign was launched in an effort to support agricultural efforts in the County of Marin with a unified effort. As such, the label: GROWN LOCAL Marin is only issued to farmers, ranchers, and retailers in Marin County who fit the following criteria. The business must be a Marin based business.  A Marin County Business License is required. If the owner’s last name is their business name, a business license is not required, and a mailing address in Marin County will suffice in place of a Marin County business License.

For Producers Only:

  • A minimum of 51% of product must be grown and/or raised on producer owned or leased land within Marin County.
  • Certifiable products must be certified by the Marin County Department of Agriculture.
  • Value added products must be produced from products grown or raised by the producer in Marin County
  • Value added products must be produced in properly permitted/licensed facilities.

Site Visit
If necessary, the GROWN LOCAL Committee and Agricultural Institute of Marin (AIM) auditors may visit and inspect members’ stall, farm, facility, or store in order to confirm that products being sold under GROWN LOCAL comply with above criteria.  The intent of the audit is to maintain the integrity of the GROWN LOCAL label, keep the trust of the GROWN LOCAL customers, and provide a fair playing field for members. Each participant expressly consents to AIM/Committee’s inspection on its property and audit inspections.

If the GROWN LOCAL Committee believes, as a result of an on-site audit, that a member is not in compliance with the above criteria, the Committee will take such actions as it determines appropriate in its sole discretion. Such actions may include, without limitation, conducting a follow-up visit, working with the member to develop a corrective action plan, taking action including suspending or terminating the member’s participation in GROWN LOCAL and repossessing GROWN LOCAL marketing materials (stall sign, for example).

This does not impose any duty on the GROWN LOCAL Committee or AIM to inspect any farm, facility, store, or document or assume any liability of any kind arising from inspecting or not inspecting any farm, facility, store or document. An audit is targeted in nature and does not entail a review of, or a statement or assurance regarding, agricultural, employment or food safety practices, environmental compliance or other matters.

All participants are required to “sign” this agreement, by typing their Full Name and adding the Date of their application, stating that they comply with the criteria stated above and that they consent to an audit inspection.

Use of Signage and Logos
Logos must be used in original format, and retain shape and ratio. If producer member discontinues participation or compliance, signs and logos must be returned.
GROWN LOCAL will confirm your application has been received.

Annual Membership Fee
Once your application is approved, you will be contracted to make arrangements for payment.  This Annual Fee may be paid with a check, payable to AIM and mailed to 400 Smith Ranch Road, Suite D, San Rafael, CA 94903, or paid by credit card over the phone.

Shared Branding $0-$100K Annual Sales $101-$500K Annual Sales $501K-$5M Annual Sales $5M+ Annual Sales
Annual Fees $75 $150 $250 $500

How are GROWN LOCAL member fees spent?
About 80% of collected fees directly fund GROWN LOCAL advertising and marketing. The remaining 20% is spent on administration of the program through our fiscal sponsor, Ag Institute of Marin.

GROWN LOCAL Marin is sponsored by Marin County Board of Supervisors and administered by Agricultural Institute of Marin and the Grown Local Committee. GROWN LOCAL Marin is a partner of the Sonoma County GO LOCAL Cooperative.

If you have questions or would like more information, please call AIM at (415) 472-6100.